8XC MINI Cobot 250 MIG Fume Extraction Gun




  • 8XC Cobot MIG Fume Extraction Gun
  • 8XC Cobot MIG Fume Extraction Gun
  • 8XC Cobot MIG Fume Extraction Gun

8XC MINI Cobot 250 MIG Fume Extraction Gun



8XC MINI Cobot 250 MIG Fume Extraction Gun – AIR COOLED
CO2 – 280 AMP, MIXED GASES – 250 AMP, DUTY CYCLE – 100%

The 8XC Cobot Fume Extractor reduces welding fume Up To 98% and has a unique contact tip for manual fitting and durability. Moreover, This cobot fume extractor gun designs a special contact tip for a longer lifetime. Also, we created two unique nozzles, 14mm and 17mm, for optimal performance and durability.

It is designed to be one of the most efficient fume extraction systems available in the welding industry. This torch is available in four different angles: 22°, 35°, 45°, and straight. When the 8XC Cobot MIG Fume Extractor is used with the ClearO2 W-series 100 and 200, it allows for up to 98% of welding fumes to be captured directly at the fume source. As a result, this Cobot 8XC MIG Fume Extractor is one of the safest and most effective welding fume extraction solutions available to ensure the safety of welding workers and for better working environments and working with the UR10e, UR5e, & UR16e Universal Robots.

The 8XC MIG Fume Extractor is specifically designed for use by Cobots and Semi-Automated machines. There is a special design of nozzle on the 8XR and the combination of the unique design with the ClearO2 W-series, 100 and 200, provides the most effective results in the direct extraction of fumes from the source. In addition, the nickel-plated contact tips are designed to last a longer time than the other contact tips on the market. These tips are available for use with all kinds of wires and in different sizes. The 8XC MIG Cobot fume extractor can use three types of Universal Robots: UR5e, UR10e, and UR16e.

To achieve the most outstanding results possible, the nozzle is unique in design. The openings, wall thickness, and size are all special to the nozzle. In addition, we have developed the grip ribs so that they perform optimally for optimal operation and superior performance.