Garmo Garline 
Beyond The Welding Revolution: Upgrade your welding process with the ultimate Plug & Play seam tracking solution for Cobots
  • One-of-a-kind sensor, ideal for low volume high-mix applications
  • The only sensor with unique features for Cobot welding
  • Certified by Universal Robots

More Features:
Robust Sensor

Garline surpasses the IP67 insulation grade and successfully performs in a -20ºC/70ºC working range. Its original design in corporate materials for aerospace use that ensure optimal EMI insulation, including in TIG welding processes.

Smart Electronics

Its electronics of 4 parallel processes of 4Gb of RAM computes the corrections at 42 images per second in full resolution. Besides, Garline includes an innovative feature for dynamic adaptation of sensor and laser parameters between frames, to correct reflection problems in applications involving varying material surface conditions.

Easy Maintenance

Garline features a disposable polycarbonate protective window and an internal Gorilla Glass window. The mounting plate, with ARC-Swiss fi xing and integrated water-cooling circuit, grants a rapid and easy sensor switching

Improved Working Conditions

Thanks to Garline, workers are performing in a safer environment, avoiding the traditional health-related risks, thanks to cobot and GarLine combined welding, there is no longer a need in working so close to the weld.

Enriched Product Quality

Garline’s optical precision and the corrections it sends to the welding torch lift companies by achieving better quality results, a lower percentage of unnecessary waste and, hence, a higher rate of the finished product in lower time, avoiding re-process and production losses. Gain the maximum benefit from using GarLine in your welding process.

Enhanced Productivity

The simplicity of the “less is more” concept is the goal for every business, including the ones belonging to the welding sector. The less time is invested in production, whilst getting eminent results, the better the productivity.