6 May 2021

8XE MIG Welding Fume Extraction Gun

ABOUT WELDING FUMES Prolonged exposure is like inhaling ultrafine metal dust which can lead to cancer of the lung, damage to the brain and kidney damage. […]
25 July 2020

Case Study: 75% Cleaner Air At Hags Uk

After an air quality control measurement, it was concluded that the harmful fumes and gasses from welding at HAGS UK plant were higher than the tolerable […]
25 July 2020

Case Study: Welders In The Uk Made Happier With Clean Air

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK has recently changed its standards for healthier workplace air. To comply to those standards, Lars Communications – […]
25 July 2020

Say ‘No’ To The Hazards From Welding Fumes

On-torch fume extraction is the best solution for capturing welding fumes Thanks to the recent developments in the welding torch technology, welding fumes can now be […]
25 July 2020

“You Have To Get People’s Commitment” If You Want Your Company To Stay On Top

If you have a company, it means you have processes to optimize, even if your company consists only of you. The only difference is that the […]
25 July 2020

How To Generate Leads With Internet (B2B) Marketing? 4 Strategic Tips

What is the difference between Industrial marketing and marketing? Industrial marketing is part of the overall marketing. Industrial marketing marks the relation between businesses (and that […]
25 July 2020

From Scratch To Launch

n order to be known for what you want to be known, you must constantly prove your strength in the chosen field. Especially if this is […]
25 July 2020

Hands On Quality Management

We have been capitalizing on being a ‘lean’ company for more or less three years now. This has turned into quite a winning strategy. However, becoming […]
25 July 2020

What Are The Benfits You Get From ‘Lean’? 3 Practical Tips How To Apply It

In the past years Translas has been undergoing a lot of changes in the way we work in order to become a better company and be […]