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Case study: 75% cleaner air at HAGS UK

HAGS UK Ltd achieves 75% cleaner air at their UK plant

Case Study: Welders in the UK made happier with clean air

The Health And Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK has recently changed its standards for healthier workplace air. In order to comply to those standards, Lars Communications - leading installers of radio, microwave & telecommunications networks in Europe – decided to be proactive and employed the hi-vac solution from Translas to clean the air at their plant.

Say ‘no’ to the hazards from welding fumes

On-torch fume extraction is the best solution for capturing welding fumes

“You have to get people’s commitment” if you want your company to stay on top

How to improve processes in your company using ERP solutions, by Marcel Hamoen, Operational Manager at Translas

How to generate leads with Internet (B2B) Marketing? 4 Strategic Tips

What is the difference between Industrial marketing and marketing? Industrial marketing is part of the overall marketing. Industrial marketing marks the relation between businesses (and that is why it falls into B2B marketing).

From scratch to launch

The market dynamics are very high in the industry of metalworking. Therefore, Jeroen Boer sheds light on the best practices in product development that work for Translas.

Hands on Quality Management

Becoming ‘lean’ and efficient is never a one-time project. It is an ongoing process. For this reason, it is best to bring a quality manager internally to ensure the continuity of the process.

What are the benfits you get from ‘Lean’? 3 practical tips how to apply it

Literally the meaning of ‘lean’ (when reffered to a company or an organization) means ‘efficient and with no wastage’.