17 augustus 2020
EARTO innovation Awards First prize

Europese Innovatieprijs voor Afzuigkaplasbrander

The Extractor, an innovative welding torch that takes away 90 to 95% of harmful welding fumes directly at the source, has been awarded the EARTO Innovation […]
17 augustus 2020
Translas's Welding Torche

Nieuw: 7St Tig Welding Torches Series

The new TIG welding torch is the first TIG welding torch which, thanks to a modular design, can connect to any kind of cable end, adapter, […]
17 augustus 2020
Force 800 welding helmet

Kracht 800 Lassen Helm

Welding helmets provide good protection against harmful UV rays, but they should also be easy to use and comfortable to wear. The FORCE-800 is a light, […]
17 augustus 2020
Accenture innovation Awards nomination Tranalas

Translas genomineerd voor de Accenture Innovation Award 2014. Stemmen!

Translas is proud of its nomination for the Accenture Innovation Award 2014. Our 7XM Extractor is in the running for this prestigious prize in innovation. The […]
17 augustus 2020
Welding Shop

Lassen Winkels zijn nu in staat om meer klanten aan te trekken met nieuwe aantrekkelijke verpakkingen.

From the end of July we will be providing our retailers with new packaging. The new sealed bags look very attractive compared to the previous ones. […]
17 augustus 2020
Man on bike

De derde fietsrit in een rij verzamelt 9000 euro om kanker te bestrijden.

Saturday 21st June took place the ven2cops bicycle ride. The aim of the bike ride was to collect money for the fight against cancer. At the […]
17 augustus 2020
The Rocker switch

De tuimelschakelaar is comfortabeler dan ooit tevoren.

As a producer who always strives to listen to the needs of the welder, we continuously improve our products. Feedback from users of our torches always […]
17 augustus 2020
Shipyards In Northern Germany

Scheepswerven in Noord-Duitsland Zie een oplossing in de afzuiginstallatie

Nieuwegein, July 2015 – Translas was invited to present the 7XE Extractor at the annual safety meeting of the representatives of major maritime construction companies in […]
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