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Microliner MIG torch


microliner cleaned   In order to enable welding at distances greater than 5 metres from the welding machine, Translas now supplies the new 7XM torches in combination with a new wire transport system: the 7XM-ML torch. This new system named Microliner (ML) transports the welding wire over greater distances with almost no friction. The use of this wire transport system in cable assemblies longer than 5 metres means that the distance from the welding machine is no longer a limitation. This increases the welder’s work radius considerably, especially in spaces which are difficult to access, and you no longer have to keep moving the welding machine or wire unit. Furthermore, the system makes heavier, bigger push-pull torches unnecessary.
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This new Microliner wire transport system is built of plastic segments, in which the wire is transported over plastic rollers with hardly any friction. Translas is integrating the new system in its cable assembly for welding wire up to 2 mm Ø. The new wire transport system replaces the standard wire transport cable and inner coil in the Translas concept. One significant advantage is that the segments of the Microliner can be replaced at a later stage and the complete liners can be reused.

ML spares 3  

The benefits of the Microliner wire transport system:
can be used in standard torches;
- nearly friction-free wire transport over greater distances;
- robust and durable system;
- flexible liner constructed from smaller segments;
- complete liners reusable, even after repair;
- individual segments are replaceable, so that any desired length up to 10 metres can be put together;
- makes heavier, bigger push-pull torches unnecessary.



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