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New website and more

We represent our new website. Moreover, we are pleased to offer the possibility for manufactrung of custom molds and an expanded application of the 7XE Extractor via the newly designed nozzles.

Highlights from EuroBLECH 2016

- Translas starts a strategic partnership with RoboVent
- Meet the 7XE ExtractorFlex

Welcome the new helmet in the Force family, Force 300

- The newcomer in our welding helmets range – Force 300!
- Hans Baas is leaving Translas

Most effective fume extraction

- TV program on the most effective fume extraction equipment  
- Say ‘no’ to the hazards from welding fumes


Translas now offers a whole range of fume extraction torches as well as a complete fume extraction solution. The hi-vac extraction solution consists of 7XE Extractor fume torch & ProCube™– a high-vac filtering unit.

New generation welding torches at Schweissen&Schneiden 2017

- New generation welding torches at Schweissen&Schneiden 2017
- As of 1st October, New Catalogue and Price List