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17 August 2020
Translas's welding torches

Translas With Live Welding Demo At Euroblech 2016

Translas will present the 7XE Extractor and its new range of applications before a large international audience at EuroBLECH 2016 in Hannover. Visitors will be able […]
17 August 2020
translas_At The Finals Of The Accenture Innovation Awards

Translas Is At The Finals Of The Accenture Innovation Awards!

On 26th September at 19.10 the time had come. Jeroen Boer had to present in a one-minute pitch the innovation behind the 7XE Extractor. This was […]
17 August 2020
Welding point image

New Double Cooled Torches Available

The popular double cooled torches, 7XM 460DK and 560DK, have a completely new design. This makes them the torches with the best cooling for high amperage […]
17 August 2020
7Xe-Extractor Nozzles

7Xe Extractor Suitable For All Kinds Of Applications

The popular 7XE Extractor – torch with integrated fume extraction – has expanded its range of application due to the development of 4 new nozzles. 7XE […]
17 August 2020

From Designing To Injection Moulding

Translas is pleased to offer the possibility for manufacturing of custom moulds. We do this via our daughter company, TA Pacific, based in Dongguan , China, […]
17 August 2020

Translas Proves Its Excellency With Iso 9001:2008

After intensive training period of our team, we passed the certification process according to ISO 9001:2008. In the beginning of this month, Translas officially received the […]
17 August 2020
translas_Corporate Movie – Reflecting The Company’s Vision About The Future

Translas’ Corporate Movie – Reflecting The Company’s Vision About The Future

Translas is a company with 55 years of experience in the welding industry. Throughout this time, we have succeeded to stay on top of the industry […]
17 August 2020
Airforce 800 welding helmet

Airforce Fresh Air Set: New Fresh Air Set (Papr)

Inhalation and exposure to welding fumes may cause irritation to eyes and skin, nausea, headache, dizziness and chronic injury to airways, lungs and nervous system. Such […]
17 August 2020
Image Showing the differnce between With and without fume extraction

Watch The Official Trailer Of The Extractor

Click on the video below to see the official trailer of the EXTRACTOR. Feel free to share this movie. For more technical information on the EXTRACTOR, […]
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