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Our partners

What our partners say about us

Translas has been our preferred partner for over 15 years now. Together we have put a lot of effort into the development of a robotic torch which now is a leading product on the European robotic market using Panasonic robots.

We prefer to work with Translas because of their flexibility and strong cooperation in creating new designs and last but not last, their competitive pricing.. Translas always manages to keep up to the high demands of Valk Welding.

The successful collaboration has resulted in creating a robotic torch, safety holder and cable assembly which we are all proud of.“ 

CroppedImage400133 valk welding over translas
Remco Valk,
CEO Valk Welding



The MIG and TIG torches of Translas are of no ordinary quality. These reliable, high-range torches offer the best Price/Quality ratio. Other benefits of the Translas torches are the welding comfort provided and the smart get up. We sell “Quality” not “Price”. That’s why we sell “TRANSLAS”!”" 

Madhu G. Jamkhandi
Standard Exports (India) Pvt. Ltd.standard exports for translas


“We are working together with Translas now for more than 6 years and we did a lot of development together, mainly on TIG-Torches which are the main products Translas delivers to us. Translas is always open for our new ideas and requests and they try to implement everything the customer wants, in case it´s technically feasible. We have a strong and fair collaboration with Translas which is a good platform for further growth together. We are very happy and it´s a pleasure to have such a good supplier as Translas is. Thanks for all you guys did for us in the past and thanks for all you hopefully will do for us in the future.” 

Stephan Link  gorelki lorch tig
Inkoop Manager 
LORCH Schweißtechnik GmbH