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About us

Innovative products for the welding industry

over translasTranslas is the Netherlands' sole manufacturer of welding torches and has nearly 60 years' experience in the development and production of articles for the welding process. Translas markets its products under the brand names Translas and 4CE Force via a selective dealer network in more than 40 countries. Translas is a flexible organisation with its own marketing, sales, production and distribution facilities and which plays a pioneering role in the development of innovative products. The company focuses at all times on high product quality, contemporary design and high reliability of supply. The products are developed and manufactured at the location in Nieuwegein.

Ongoing development

Translas works continuously on the development of new products in order to increasingly simplify day-to-day welding practice and improve application options. Translas has succeeded in optimising the cooling of its welding torches to such an extent that the swan necks quickly cool down at high amperages, for example. Translas is currently working on the development of a universal connector for TIG welding torches.

Complete range for the manual welder

As well as MIG and TIG welding torches along with their accessories, Translas markets a complete range of products for manual welders. The range includes 4CE Force welding masks with fresh air systems, Guide safety gloves and Swiss One safety goggles. This makes it possible for dealers to offer their customers a wide range of top quality products.

Products for specific applications

Non-standard applications in the welding industry call for special solutions or the adaptation of existing products. With its many years of experience in this area Translas is able to produce customer-specific solutions and manufacture them in-house. Translas has developed and produced items such as adapted gas nozzles, welding torches for specific applications and pistol holders for welding robots for various clients.