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The ClearO2 W400 is designed to accompany the 7XE Extractor torches from Translas. With the combination of the 7XE Extractor range of welding fume torches and ClearO2 W400 units we capture between 90% and 95% of welding fume at the source and filter these with an efficiency > IFA 99.8%. The compact unit is perfect for changing location on the job due to its light weight – only 85 kg – and its four wheels with two lockable.

The ClearO2 W400 unit has an automatic cleaning function by reverse compressed air pulse. The moment the under pressure in the filter is too high, the unit starts to clean the filter automatically. A manual cleaning function can be done by pressing a single button.
Automatic Start/Stop function to preserve energy and to synchronize the unit 
with the 7XE Extractor torch is a standard on the ClearO2 units. 
The moment the torch is out of the specially designed torch holder option, the machine automatically starts working. The torch holder is designed to work only with the 7XE Extractor torches.

The electric motor of the unit is designed to work continuously without losing its power. Due to the automatic cleaning function and the simplified motor system, the maintenance on the unit is minimal, making it long-lasting and time-saving. With a filter area of 5m², this is one of the most efficient units of its size with largest filter. The filter is disposable and has an active surface with an efficiency: IFA >99,8%.

The ClearO2 W400 unit is 
designed to serve the needs of one or two welders, who need to change their work-place. Examples for such applications are in the shipbuilding, wind tower building, tank construction and other similar fabrication industries. 
The four wheels with two locks and the light weight – 85 kg – let the welders move the unit with ease to the next working location.