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Translas starts a strategic partnership with RoboVent

During EuroBLECH in Hanover last week, Translas officially announced the start of a partnership with the North American leader in clean air – RoboVent. The plan of the two companies is to help each other expand on both continents and includes various projects. We will be integrating our product lines to deliver exceptional fume extraction solutions. 

“We have been looking for a suitable partner for our products for long time.  Our mission and vision about minimizing health risks for welders match with the ones of RoboVent. We believe this is the reason why the fume extraction machines of RoboVent work perfectly with the 7XE Extractor welding torch of Translas.”, says Jelmer Wolleswinkel, Commercial Director at Translas B.V. 

After introducing the 7XE Extractor to the North American market, RoboVent is now actively working together with Translas throughout Europe. They have already developed the ProCube, a fume extraction unit designed specifically to pair with the 7XE Extractor.

The next step of the partnership is to develop additional fume extraction machines suitable for the European market. Translas is going to participate by giving its know-how derived from 55 years of experience in the welding market in Europe. 

“Our goal is to significantly improve the health of welders around the world by creating innovative and sustainable solutions against welding fumes.”, states Jeroen Boer, Managing Director Translas B.V.