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Translas Expands with Canadian Division

Translas Expands with Canadian Division

As of this year, Translas opens its third division. The new entity, officially called Translas Canada Industries Ltd., is located in Woodstock, Canada and aims to serve the whole Canadian market.

Manufacturing environments will become cleaner and safer throughout Canada with Translas’ new Woodstock division. Serving the single welder to hundreds of welders, Translas Canada Industries has a comprehensive line of products and services to improve air quality and plant productivity. These include compact mobile units and welding torches with integrated fume extraction to complete fixed solutions for your plant, creating a safer environment for any workforce.

Speaking about Translas’ growth, Jelmer Wolleswinkel, Commercial Director: “Businesses that bring new ideas and innovative solutions to the market are growing. We identified a few markets where we know Translas can make an important contribution to the success of key manufacturing segments. Canada fits our growth and strategic plans perfectly so we’re happy to be a part of the manufacturing community here”. 

D Beaumont small                                  Translas Woodstock small

Duncan Beaumont is the new Executive Director for Translas Canada Industries, serving the Canadian market. He brings more than 15 years project management, sales and leadership experience in the Canadian industrial sector and over eight years in the welding, fabrication and fume extraction industry. In his current role at TCI, he helps the welding & fabrication sector select and implement air quality solutions to mitigate health and safety risks and ensure regulatory compliance. With a deep understanding of evolving regulations and Hi-Vac collection technologies, he works with companies to balance regulatory, economic and health and safety needs and design the best overall system for their goals.

Translas Canada Industries is a problem-solving company for the welding & fabrication industry. They supply welding torches and fume extraction torches with highly efficient, reliable and cost-effective systems. Applications include mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, MIG & TIG manual and robotic welding. Their expertise and resources can be applied to almost any welding process in the manufacturing environment.

For more information about Translas Canada Industries, visit

Translas Canada Industries Ltd: 

5, 1099 Commerce Way
Woodstock, Ontario, Canada 
N4V 0A2