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Translas Expands With a New Limited Entity In England

Nieuwegein, NL, march 2018 – From 1st March 2018, Translas is expanding to the United Kingdom, where we have established Translas UK Limited.

Translas UK Limited is based in Preston, North-Western England. It is a fully independent entity with own stock position. The company has to offer all Translas products as well as a complete range of fume extraction equipment for different production environments. Next to the Translas torches, you will be able to see mobile extraction units, purification systems and quality extraction arms – everything you need for your welding workshop. 

Exclusive Dealer

Translas UK and Translas B.V. are now also exclusive European resellers of the products from RoboVent Solution Group, which specializes in clean air solutions.

"The full-line of dust collection equipment by RoboVent fits nicely with our existing product line and we’re excited to begin offering more integrated solutions to our respective customers. This new direction aligns well with our existing growth plans, especially in the UK.” - Jeroen Boer, Managing Director Translas.

The UK Team

The team in Preston can give you complete customer support, from advice for your workshop to turnkey installations. The team consists of:

Gary Keene, Executive Director with 32 years of technical and sales experience in the fume extraction and welding industry.

Kevin Tatton, Sales Manager with 18 years of experience in the fume extraction and welding industry.

Claire Chadwick, Office Manager with 28 years of project management experience in the fume extraction and welding industry.

Neil Wadhams , Business Development Manager with 12 years of experience in sales and business development.


Feel free to contact our highly-skilled UK team with all of your questions via the local office line (+44) 1772 626323 or with an email to