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Translas demonstrates most efficient fume extraction solution at EuroBLECH 2018

Translas – the Dutch welding torch manufacturer – has extended its product range and now offers a whole line of mobile filtration units under the name ClearO2. All ClearO2 units are designed to work with the 7XE Extractor fume torch from Translas. The complete line of high-vacuum units ClearO2 as well as the newest extraction torches will be presented for the first time at EuroBLECH 2018. You will be able to see them with a live demo in Hall 13, booth G57.

The 7XE Extractor with a ClearO2 unit capture between 90% and 95% of welding fumes at the source and filter these with an efficiency > IFA 99.8%.


Insufficient extraction at most fabricators

Welding fumes contain vapours, gases and smoke particles that form a health hazard. People assume that local extraction arms, extraction hoods and mobile filters adequately protect welders against exposure to welding fumes. But in practice these measures tend to be insufficiently effective: not only for the welders themselves, but also for others working in the same area.

The safest method: extraction at the source

Extraction at the source proves to be the safest solution because harmful welding fumes are no longer released directly into the air breathed by personnel, as found by the Dutch research institute TNO.

The 7XE Extractor reduces the amount of welding fumes in the workplace to less than 1 mg/m3 during an 8-hour working day (the statutory standard for welding fumes in Germany is 1,25 mg/m3). The 7XE Extractor can be used for almost any MIG/MAG welding process.

7XE Extractor with integrated fume extraction

The extraction torches from Translas feature a built-in extraction module at the gas nozzle. The gas nozzle is conical with a gas orifice of 12 mm. This gives an excellent view and accessibility to the weld. The 7XE Extractor is a very light torch – varies from only 1,1 kg to 1,5 kg (lighter than a regular 510 torch). Due to the small size of the handle and its ergonomic form, the welder does not feel any difference between the 7XE Extractor and a standard welding torch.

7XE MINI Extractor weighs only 1.1 kg and has a small in size handle and nozzle as well as small conical hose (from 30 mm to 38 mm). It was developed especially for welding jobs where constant changing in positions is required, such as in manual automotive welding.

The extraction torches from Translas can be ordered with a plastic or with a metal neck. The metal neck is preferred for higher-impact environments (7XE MINI Extractor is available only with metal neck).

All 7XE Extractor torches , both gas and water cooled, are with 100% Duty Cycle.

On-torch needs ‘high vacuum’

Extraction at source needs high speed extraction and low air volumes to efficiently remove the fumes. This means that it needs to be connected to a high-vacuum unit, such as one of the ClearO2 units.

Designed especially for the 7XE Extractor fume torch, ClearO2 filtration units are the only portable filtration solution of its size that is rated for high-production welding environments. The 7XE Extractor & ClearO2 filtration solution is a powerful, flexible system that can be used for a variety of welding applications. The size and portability make it excellent choice for high-mobility applications such as shipbuilding or large fabricated components. This high-end solution includes advanced design features that enable maximum fume suction, while easing the work of the operator . The system is effortlessly transported to the location needed.  

Demonstration at EuroBLECH

All EuroBLECH visitors are invited for a demonstration of effective welding fume extraction at Translas’ booth in Hall 13, number G57. Translas brings together almost 60 years of expertise in welding torch manufacturing with know-how in welding fume extraction to offer the most effective welding fume solutions to the market.

Clear02 W100 unit

ClearO2 W100 unit for one-welder with 7XE Extractor

W200 nr. 5

ClearO2 W200 - 2-welder unit

W400 nr 12

ClearO2 W400 - 4-welder