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QuickConnect switch system

QuickConnect allows the fast fitting and switching of all types of switches, as well as connector plugs.

This means that the current printed boards for the different switch types and the switch cable and plugs will change. The printed boards have a plug connection: the standard six-core cable has a plug at both ends. A locking clip on the printed board side ensures that the connector is protected against pulling loose. The plug on the switch cable on the machine side is moulded on. The connecting plugs are fitted as standard with a piece of cable fitted with a moulded plug. A clip is fitted over the two plugs after connecting to protect against unintentional loosening.

Therefore, not only does this new QuickConnect system allow the connection and changing of every kind of printed board (1 to 4-button switch and with potentiometer) without soldering, but also the connecting plug. This system is universal and completely plug& play. Integrating this new QuickConnect system greatly increases its ease of use. The different end cables and plugs and various printed boards can now be used to set up the torch correctly as you wish with the greatest of ease.