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AirFORCE Fresh Air set: new fresh air set (PAPR)

Inhalation and exposure to welding fumes may cause irritation to eyes and skin, nausea, headache, dizziness and chronic injury to airways, lungs and nervous system. Such symptoms can sometimes reveal themselves after weeks, months or years. Therefore, wearing a welding helmet with a fresh air system during welding is a must for every welder! 

Work safe and healthy with the AirFORCE Fresh Air set

As an addition of the FORCE program personal protection products, Translas now introduces the AirFORCE Fresh Air Set. With this Fresh Air set welders can protect themselves against harmful welding rays and welding fumes. The AirFORCE Fresh Air Set consists a FORCE-800 welding helmet and an AirFORCE Fresh Air unit. The FORCE-800 welding helmet is a high standard and comfortable welding helmet available with an auto-darkening welding filter 820S or 830S.FORCE Helmet TM16 1

AirFORCE Fresh Air system 

The AirFORCE Fresh Air unit is a light and compact filter system in a solid casing, connected to the FORCE-800 welding helmet. The fan in the fresh air system is driven by a carbon brush free motor. This motor is not only quiet but also has a three times longer lifetime than a conventional motor. 


A rechargeable battery provides the power to the fan motor. Depending on the contamination of the filter, the battery lasts 9 hours. An acoustic sound provides a warning signal when the voltage of the battery is too low. A separate charging station will be supplied with the AirFORCE Fresh Air unit.


When the main filter is polluted, it must be replaced. The unit gives an alarm through a vibration signal and a bleeping sound, accompanied with flash of all three warning lights. The degree of saturation of the main filter will not affect the airflow. The main filter is protected on the outside by a spark trap and a pre-filter. Only the pre-filter can be cleaned with compressed air. 


The lightweight fresh air unit is worn with a belt around the waist so that the unit and the air hose do not cause any obstruction during welding. The inside of the belt is designed with a soft shock absorbent material. The extra wide belt ensures that the carried weight of the unit is distributed over the full width and is not applying pressure to the lower back region during use. Fresh air unit with wide belt