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8XM MIG Welding Torches - Grip You Can Trust Completely

The new 8XM torches from Translas are high end MIG/MAG welding torches, covering every need of the welder. The 8XM offers great comfort and long durability. Welders can now trust their torch 100%.


Solid Handle

Every detail in the torches makes welding work even easier and more enjoyable. The handle of the new 8XM has a strong and solid construction and is light in weight. 

20170623 Translas MIG + DK + Helmet 0816


2k Bottom Cap

With the use of 2k rubber inlay the bottom cap of the handle is made with ribs. The ribs and the TPE rubber used provide optimal grip on the torch and make for a unique design.

20170623 Translas MIG + DK + Helmet 0809


Wider Better Switch

The switch on an 8XM torch is 30% wider from standard switches and it is more easy to click on. It also has a long distance micro switch which makes the click more tangible. These features makes the torch very easy-going to work with.

To minimize the impact of the radiation from the weld on the hand, it is possible to extend the switch with a lever. As a result the welder has less affected during heavy-duty work.


20170623 Translas MIG + DK + Helmet 0810



All in keeping with our motto:  BY WELDERS, FOR WELDERS