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7XM-450 & 550 MIG torch for high amperages

Specifically for manual welding in small and inaccessible spaces, Translas presents the unique water-cooled 7XM-450 and 7XM-550 MIG torches. The unique cooling concept of the 7XM-450 and 7XM-550 MIG torches enables levels to be reached of up to 550 amperes with very short cool-down times. A forced water throughput through the spiral cooling channels ensures fast heat dissipation. The swan neck does not heat up unnecessarily as a result and the nozzle cools down so much within one minute that it can be picked up without protection. Furthermore, better cooling gives a more attractive weld appearance and the wearing parts last longer.

The only differences between the two types are the nozzle diameters and the size of the nozzle holder. The nozzle diameter is 14.5 mm on the 7XM-450 and 18 mm on the 7XM-550. Both types are suitable for welding at a high amperage and stand out from the rest of the market through their unique structure and swan-neck cooling in combination with a small nozzle. In comparison to torches with similar specifications, the 7XM-450 and 7XM-550 are smaller and lighter despite the option of welding at higher amperages. As such, these new welding torches are perfectly suited to heavy welding work in small, inaccessible spaces, as well as being all-round water-cooled. The nozzle of the 7XM-450 is similar to the 7XM-25 and the 7XM-550 is similar to the 7XM-24 from the 4CE-Force family. Both nozzles are more than 30% smaller than the standard 401/501 nozzles.

 The advantages of the 7XM-450 and the 7XM-550: 

- light and manoeuvrable in small spaces;
- welding at high amperages in spaces that are difficult to access;
- nozzle 30% smaller than standard 401/501;
- short cool-down time;
- long life span of torch and wearing parts;
- the 7XM-450 and 7XM-550 nozzles are changeable;
- one welding torch for a complete water-cooled range.

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