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Plug & Play
The extraction and filtration units from Clear02 are ready to use Plug & Play systems for the extraction and filtration of fumes deriving from welding proces-ses, micro dust, vapors and odors.

For all metal work processes
The units are designed for extraction and filtration of welding fumes, pollutants coming from plasma cutting, dust from sanding, grinding and other similar metal working processes.

For various spaces
They protect the operator from welding fumes while ensuring easy movement within the working area, used in area where not possible to create fixed & centralized extraction systems.


Wall-mounted system complete with self-supporting articulated arm for the extraction of welding fumes, where spot welding, seam welding or arc welding is carried out.

  • Mobile 4-wheel unit
  • Filtration efficiency to standard EN779
  • Plug & Play system
  • For all metal work processes