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New double cooled torches available


The popular double cooled torches, 7XM 460DK and 560DK, have a completely new design. This makes them the torches with the best cooling for high amperage welding.

The DK series are small torches with a very high cooling capacity. The temperature stays at all times below 90°C. To make this possible, a careful assembly process is required. The unique about the cooling system of the DK is that the cooling reaches both the swan neck and the contact tip. The gas nozzle in the 560DK model is also cooled. Both models can be used for up to 500 Amp with mixed gases and C02.


560DK 5M heat test

Heat tests have shown that the temperature on the M8 contact tip of the new 7XM-560 torches is lower than 90°C. Comparable MIG welding torches have a temperature of at least 250°C or higher.