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7XE Extractor suitable for all kinds of applications

The popular 7XE Extractor - torch with integrated fume extraction – has expanded its range of application due to the development of 4 new nozzles.

7XE Extractor took off after its launch last year in October and many saw the future of welding in the on-torch fume extraction. The high interest in the welding torch made us think about all the different situations welders would use this torch in. Therefore, we developed 4 new nozzles.

The 4 new nozzles types include a 10 mm , 12 mm, 14 mm and 14 mm Specials. As a standard, the Extractor is going to be offered with the 12 mm nozzle, which is much less dependent on the gas flow and ensures no porosity when welding in corners. The 14 mm is your best bet when it comes to welding aluminium. And the 14 mm Specials is excellent for welding at extreme angles, for example of 25 – 30 degrees. Such application can be often found in the welding of ships where welders need to be able to weld at all angles and in every position. The quality of welds in ship building is essential and the 14mm Specials nozzle is made exactly for such critical situations.

The 7XE Extractor is going to be soon delivered as a standard with 12 mm nozzle. The rest can be purchased separately to cover most range of welding situations. For more information, please, contact our sales team at or give us a call: +31(0) 30 - 604 73 73.