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Welding shops are now able to attract more customers with new appealing packaging

From the end of July we will be providing our retailers with new packaging. The new sealed bags look very attractive compared to the previous ones.

NEW: 7ST TIG Welding Torches Series

The new TIG welding torch is the first TIG welding torch which, thanks to a modular design, can connect to any kind of cable end, adapter, and switch module.

The third in a row bicycle ride collects 9000 euro to fight cancer

Saturday 21st June took place the ven2cops bicycle ride. The aim of the bike ride was to collect money for the fight against cancer. At the end of the event 9000 euro were collected by the participants and sponsors. Translas BV also participated with a contribution.

The Rocker switch is more comfortable than ever

The Rocker switch has now been improved, based on the feedback from the welders.