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Say ‘no’ to the hazards from welding fumes

On-torch fume extraction is the best solution for capturing welding fumes

Thanks to the recent developments in the welding torch technology, welding fumes can now be eliminated to almost 100%. This is possible with special nozzle which extracts the fumes at the source and with a connection to a high-vacuum extraction unit. What does that mean for the welder? Welders can now weld safely, without a risk for various pulmonary and other diseases.

The on-torch fume extraction is suitable for various applications. A fume extraction torch can be used on its own at any location. For larger welding areas, such as workshops, it can be connected to a ducted extraction system. The advantage of the on-torch fume extraction, when compared to traditional systems, is that the operator is easily mobile, not needing to consider the extraction hood.

Many researches and tests have shown that the extraction at source is the most efficient way for minimizing the risk of welding-fume related diseases. The welder can safely work over large areas as well as closed off or confined spaces.

The efficiency of the fume extraction can range from 70-98%. With the 7XE Extractor the value is always above 90%.

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On-torch needs ‘high vacuum’

Extraction at source needs high speed extraction and low air volumes to efficiently remove the fumes. This means that it needs to be connected to a high-vac unit, such as the ClearO2 W200.

MIG fume extraction torches are now available in air- and water-cooled versions, as well as with a highly flexible hose which makes them even more manoeuvrable than a regular MIG torch.

Translas offers a complete high-vac filtration solution, including the 7XE Extractor welding torch and the W200 high-vac unit. This high-end solution includes advanced design features that enable maximum fume suction, while easing the work of the operator who does not need to adjust the flow-rate of the shielding gas and can effortlessly transport the system to the location needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


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