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Translas proves its excellency with ISO 9001:2008

The standard proves that Translas meets the requirements of this excellent quality management system.

Translas’ corporate movie – reflecting the company’s vision about the future

Translas is a company with 55 years of experience in the welding industry.

AirFORCE Fresh Air set: new fresh air set (PAPR)

As an addition of the FORCE program personal protection products, Translas now introduces the AirFORCE Fresh Air Set. With this Fresh Air set welders can protect themselves against harmful welding rays and welding fumes.

Watch the official trailer of the EXTRACTOR

Watch the official trailer of the 7XE Extractor welding torch with integrated fume extraction.

European innovation award for Extractor welding torch

The Extractor, an innovative welding torch that takes away 90 to 95% of harmful welding fumes directly at the source, has been awarded the EARTO Innovation Award 2015.

NEW: 7ST TIG Welding Torches Series

The new TIG welding torch is the first TIG welding torch which, thanks to a modular design, can connect to any kind of cable end, adapter, and switch module.

Force 800 Welding helmet

Welding helmets provide good protection against harmful UV rays, but they should also be easy to use and comfortable to wear. The FORCE-800 is a light, top-range, high-quality welding helmet belonging to the top segment of the market.

Translas nominated for Accenture Innovation Award 2014. Cast your vote!

Translas is proud of its nomination for the Accenture Innovation Award 2014. Our 7XM Extractor is in the running for this prestigious prize in innovation.

“You have to get people’s commitment” if you want your company to stay on top

How to improve processes in your company using ERP solutions, by Marcel Hamoen, Operational Manager at Translas

Welding shops are now able to attract more customers with new appealing packaging

From the end of July we will be providing our retailers with new packaging. The new sealed bags look very attractive compared to the previous ones.