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AirFORCE Fresh Air set: new fresh air set (PAPR)

Inhalation and exposure to welding fumes may cause irritation to eyes and skin, nausea, headache, dizziness and chronic injury to airways, lungs and nervous system. Such symptoms can sometimes reveal themselves after weeks, months or years. Therefore, wearing a welding helmet with a fresh air system during welding is a must for every welder!

QuickConnect switch system

QuickConnect allows the fast fitting and switching of all types of switches, as well as connector plugs.

7ST TIG Welding torch

The new TIG welding torch is the first TIG welding torch which, thanks to a modular design, can connect to any kind of cable end, adapter, and switch module.

Welding torches for offshore

Translas has developed a welding torch that answers the specific needs of the offshore industry.

Robotic MIG torch 24/7

The MIG robot welding torch had to be suitable for 24/7 use and capable of use in narrow spaces without overheating.

7XE EXTRACTOR - Fume-extraction welding torch

Translas developed an innovative welding torch together with the TNO research institute and Stichting iTanks Rotterdam (NL). The project was carried out under a Dutch business community subsidy granted to TNO by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

7XM-450 & 550 MIG torch for high amperages

Small, light and manoeuvrable water-cooled MIG torches for welding with high amperages

Microliner MIG torch

This new system named Microliner (ML) transports the welding wire over greater distances with almost no friction.